Cappuccino Oak Flooring


If you think Cappuccino is something you pick up in Starbucks and savour on your walk from the underground to your office, it’s time to think again. At Wood and Beyond, we have a small, very select range of cappuccino wood flooring that will give you a really natural look in your home.

If you’re looking for a wood floor that you can fit in most rooms in your home that will create a really natural look, then our range of natural solid oak in cappuccino colour is for you. Solid oak flooring is synonymous with quality and charm. And although it’s not recommended for fitting in bathrooms, kitchens or over under floor heating, this really is spectacular flooring for any other room in the home. In a range of different board sizes, this cappuccino solid oak flooring really is an investment, that with the right love and attention will last a lifetime.

The first option is this natural solid oak cappuccino hardwax oiled floor that’s 20mm thick and each board is 120mm wide by between 300 and 1200mm. This board creates a floor that’s natural and classical at the same time. Featuring boards that are narrow, but not too narrow, if you’re flooring a room that is narrower or shorter than you’d like, you can cleverly use these boards to create an illusion of space. Currently on offer at under £40 per square meter, this floor is a real bargain and will add classic charm and good looks to bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms and halls. Use it as a backdrop for either modern or traditional furnishing, the choice is yours. The only thing that’s sure is that you won’t be disappointed. What’s more, its hardwax oiled finish means that it’ll stand up with confidence to whatever your life chooses to throw at it.

The second cappuccino solution we have on offer is this natural solid oak version that’s again been hardwax oiled, but comes in a slightly wider, 140mm board this time. Again offering all the same warm, natural charm that the first option offers, this floor has a nice, visible grain and dark honey colour. At Wood and Beyond we’ve seen it work to great effect both in cutting-edge modern settings and traditional homes alike. In fact, the only thing that is better than the flexibility offered by this solution is its really attractive price. Priced at just over £43 per square meter, this floor really is hard to beat. But don’t take our word for it. Why not order a free sample by clicking on the red button on the product page here? That way you’ll get to see this stunning floor up close and personal in the comfort of your own home.

Finally, for just a couple of pounds more, there’s this natural solid oak cappuccino hardwax oiled 20mm by 160mm by 300-1200mm option. This floor is a chunky, natural looking solution that leaves no one in any doubt that when you choose your interior materials you choose quality every time. At just a few pennies over £45 per square meter, this floor will make your home look like a million dollars without breaking the bank.

The great thing about each of these floors is their warm coffee colour and their hardwax oiled finish. With a hardwax oil, you really do get the best of both worlds. You get the natural look of an oil finish, but you get the hardwearing performance that comes with hardwax oil. What that means is that even if you have heavy or high footfall, your floor is protected and will stand up to even the toughest of family lives.

If you’re looking for a cappuccino floor and would like a bit of help to choose the right one for you, why not get in touch? At Wood and Beyond, we have decades of experience helping people choose the right wood floor for their project and we can help you too. All you need to do is call us, email us or use chat on our site. We’d love to hear from you and will happily help you make the very best decisions for your home.