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Black Tea vs. Jet Black Floorboards How the Two Compare?

black wood floor


Black wood flooring is a really popular choice with a whole range of different people. A versatile, stylish and classy choice, black is a colour that simply never goes out of fashion. That’s why at Wood and Beyond, we always make sure we have an extensive and varied range of black floorboards in stock at all times.

If black floorboards are on your flooring agenda, you probably don’t need us to remind you that black isn’t simply black when it comes to flooring. To be honest, I guess anyone in fashion or design would say the same thing. There’s jet black and there’s not so jet black and everything in between. Two of the most common black options that you’re likely to come across are Black Tea and Jet Black.

So when it comes to Black Tea and Jet Black Floorboards, how do the two compare and how do you decide between the two?

Black Tea


black tea wood flooring


This natural engineered oak that’s been black tea UV oiled is a stunning, almost black floorboard. This particular one is a 150mm wide board, but we have various board widths in stock in this colour.

The great thing about this flooring solution is its versatility. Because it’s not black, black, it will stand the test of time, no matter what style of interior or furnishing you choose to put around it – now or in the future.

As you’ll see from the image, the floor finish nicely matt and consistent. There really is nothing you could put with this floor that would make it look out of place. It truly has everything you could ask for in a high fashion, yet long-term investment flooring solution.

Jet Black


jet black wood flooring


Or there’s this natural engineered oak jet black, brushed UV lacquered floor, which is truly black (or at least very very close to actual black). This floor looks simply stunning with a modern backdrop and works particularly well where there are light coloured walls and the odd splash of colour here and there. Reds, lime greens, oranges, shocking pinks and turquoises are what work a treat with this floor.

Having said that, we recently installed this in a home where it was used throughout in a really neutral setting. The main colours were black and white and they were complimented with taupes, greys and creams. It worked extremely well and oozed class.

How to choose the right black floor for you

Like most things in life, you could stop 10 people in the street and ask them to describe what they think of when you say black wooden flooring. The chances are, you’d get a load of different impressions. Which is why Black Tea and Jet Black are so perfect. They cover all bases. They allow you to have a black floor that fits your mental picture of a black floor. It may be that in your head, you’re thinking of a dark, inky, jet black colour, or you might be thinking of just a really, really dark woody colour. If you want the inky option, then Jet Black is definitely right for you, if you want a more natural look then Black Tea’s your choice.

What to look out for when you choose a black floor

Buying any wood floor calls for a little bit of focus and research but when it comes to buying black flooring, you should make a point of looking out for a UV filter in the finish.

No matter whether you choose a lacquered or an oiled finish your floor will stay looking great longer. This is because you’ll have made sure that the sun doesn’t get the chance to damage it. A UV filter on a floor works exactly the same way as it does on the skin. It makes helps reduce damage.

Our advice would be that a UV filter is essential for a black floor that’s going to be in a room that gets lots of sunshine. That said, we’d highly recommend that you opt for a filter if possible even in rooms where sunlight isn’t direct. You will never regret opting for a UV filter, but you might just regret not opting for one ;)

If you’re looking for a black floor and are unsure about which would suit your project best of all, why not take advantage of our FREE Sample Service? That way you can see the two different options up close and be sure you make the right decision. All you need to do is click the FREE Sample button on any of the floors that take your fancy.

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