If you live in an apartment or house that has a balcony, you have a real advantage over anyone who has no outside space at all. And it’s amazing how, with a bit of planning, you can get a whole lot of value from even the smallest of balconies. That said, no matter whether eating outside or creating a lounging space is your goal, it pays to think about how best to use your balcony before you set to work re-looking it. When you do so, balcony wood flooring options and prices are likely to be high on your agenda.

The thing about balconies is that even though they effectively enlarge your inside space, it would be foolish to floor your balcony with a wood flooring option intended for indoor use. The perfect balcony wood flooring option is in fact decking.

Decking is a great way to extend your indoors outside and is a particularly good balcony wood flooring option that you can source at a great price. You can see our full range of decking options here. As you can see, there’s everything from a rich red balau hardwood decking at just over £40 a square meter to teak hardwood for balconies at just a tad over £115 per square meter.

So how do you choose the best balcony wood flooring option within your price range?

The first thing to do is decide whether or not you want hardwood. As you will see from the options we have available, there is both hardwood and composite decking to choose from. Which you choose, to a large extent, will depend upon your attitude to maintenance. While hardwood decking isn’t particularly high maintenance as such, it does require a bit more looking after than composite decking. Certain purists would say that the extra effort you have to put into hardwood is more than compensated for by its good looks and naturalness. However, there are situations where an easy life and a great looking deck are called for – and that’s where composite is a great solution. Composite decking is a great choice if you want an easy to maintain balcony wood floor option at a great price.

At Wood and Beyond we love wood, but we’re also proud to have sourced a great composite decking solution. You can find it here. It’s called Supremo WPC and when you get up close, it’s easy to see why it boasts the name Supremo! A stunningly good looking decking solution, we currently have a dark chocolate colour as well as silver and mouse grey. These colours are real classics and will transform even the humblest of balconies into a stunningly stylish and useful outdoor space. Add to this the fact that each of our options come in at just over £45 a square meter and you’ll soon see that when you choose this solution you’re getting a top of the range product for a mid-range price – and that’s always great news!

If you are fixed on hardwood decking for your balcony, then we really have something for everyone. The hardwood range that we currently have in stock includes red balau, iroko, moso bamboo, ipe and teak.

A rich red colour as its name suggests, Red balau, is the perfect option for anyone who is investing in a deck for the long term and is happy for its appearance to change as it matures. A wood that’s particularly resistant to fungi, decay and insect attack, red balau is ideal for balconies. Iroko on the other hand is more of a honey colour. Boasting a strong resemblance to teak, iroko is really hard wearing and features quite a coarse and irregular grain. This option also mellows nicely with age and has a really classic decking feeling to it. Moso bamboo, technically isn’t a wood at all, but we’ve included it in the hardwood section of our website because it’s a natural product. Technically a grass, bamboo is considered a particularly environmentally friendly option by many people.

Thereafter we have ipe and teak. Ipe is a particularly tough wood that will stand up to pretty much anything. So, if you have a balcony that faces its fair share of challenges when it comes to weather and footfall, this would be a great option. And finally there’s teak. Often thought of as the King of Decking products, teak has been used for decking for centuries. Surpassed in recent years by some of the other woods we’ve mentioned, teak is still a great solution if you have the budget.

If you’re planning to add a wood flooring option to your balcony and can’t decide which route to go, why not get in touch or come along to our Golders Green Showroom? Either way, we’ll give you great guidance so you can be sure to get the best solution for your project that fits your budget.