wpc decking

A deck is a great way to add interest to your home and allow you the opportunity to really enjoy some seriously stylish outdoor living.  If you’ve decided that you’re going to plan and execute your whole deck project on a DIY basis, there are several things you’ll need, but for the purpose of this post, we’ve assumed that you’ve already planned and designed your deck and have a drawing from which you can make accurate calculations.

Here’s how to calculate your decking area:

If your deck is square or rectangular, calculating its area couldn’t be easier.  In this case, order to calculate the total surface area of your deck, all you need to do is measure the length and width of your deck and then multiply one by the other.  For example, if your deck is 10m long and 8m wide, the calculation is 10m x 8m = 80m2.  Once you’ve calculated the surface area of your deck, you need to add 5% to the total, to allow for wastage.  In the example we’ve given, the calculation for wastage is 80m2 x 5% = 4m2.  So, in this instance, you’d need to order 80m2 + 4m2 = 84m2 of decking in total.

If your deck is an “odd” shape, the best way to tackle the project is to split your deck into square or rectangular “chunks” which you can mark out on your plan; measure; calculate and add together to reach your total decking area.  Although this can seem more complicated to begin with, you should find that, with a bit of consideration, your deck is easily split into neat and easy to measure chunks.  NOTE: Once again, don’t forget to add your 5% for wastage.

When you’re measuring your decking plans, it’s important not to forget to allow for steps and any other areas which may be tucked away from the main area of your deck before placing your final order.

Because most decking is sold and priced in m2, it’s best to measure your deck in m2.  A m2 of decking is a section of decking which measures exactly one metre by one metre.  That said, decking is normally sold in packs, which may, or may not measure exactly one m2 (in most cases it won’t).  If this is the case, your decking supplier will normally provide you with an accurate indication of the m2 covered by each pack, allowing you to calculate with confidence.

IMPORTANT: No matter what size your deck, you should always allow for the 5% wastage as this will allow you to complete your project in the knowledge that you’re not going to run out of deck.

Finally, many decking suppliers offer decking calculators to help simplify things, but these calculators still rely on accurate measurements, so it’s important to be careful with your measurements, even if you’re using an online calculator!m