600mm Wood Flooring


600mm wood flooring is a really popular choice at Wood ‘n’ Beyond right now and when you look at all its great benefits you quickly see why. 600mm wood flooring, as its name suggests is wood flooring that comes to you in 600mm wide boards. What this means is that you get speed of installation and great looks all rolled into one when you make this choice.

With each board made up of top layers that are in a herringbone layout, you can buy this solution with confidence, knowing that you are going to get an end result that isn’t just original, but that will make your room look fantastic too.

When you fit narrow floorboards, you have a whole lot more effort to put in to get your end result than you do with these extra-wide boards. With each board measuring an impressive 60cm, even in a big room, you’re only going to have a handful or so of rows of boards to lay before you’re finished. And for anyone who’s in a rush, this is wonderful news.

But this convenience doesn’t call for compromise when it comes to looks. Quite the contrary actually. The herringbone pattern on these wide boards is highly sought after by people who are looking for something just a bit different. So, if you want convenience and great looks rolled into one, why don’t you check out some of these options?

Prime engineered oak herringbone dark smoked brushed white lacquered which is a lovely natural looking oak floor. The characteristic colour and style you imagine when you think of a natural oak floor, this solution can be used throughout the home to great effect. It looks equally stunning used in lounges and dining rooms as it does in kitchens and bathrooms. With this choice, you will certainly not be disappointed.


Prime engineered oak herringbone dark smoked brushed white lacquered


If you want more of a golden tone, then there’s this prime engineered oak herringbone brushed and UV oiled floor, which is currently on sale at 56% off, and comes in at well under £50 a square meter. What this means is that you get a fast to install floor that looks great and leaves your bank account looking good too. That truly is a flooring hat-trick!


Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Brushed UV Oiled 15/4mm By 90mm By 600mm


For anyone who prefers the idea of leaving the choice of finish of their floor until after it has been laid, this prime engineered oak herringbone floor that’s been brushed and left unfinished is perfect. The brushing means that all the natural beauty of the wood is brought to the fore, but the fact that it’s left unfinished means you can choose an oil or a lacquer; visible or invisible, whichever floats your boat – after the floor has been laid. Once again, this adds another reason for choosing this style of 600mm wood flooring.


Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Brushed Unfinished 15/4mm By 90mm By 600mm


In a home where light and, or space is an issue, this prime engineered oak herringbone sunny white brushed, UV oiled floor is ideal. With its whitewashed looking surface, it literally floods even the gloomiest of rooms with light and makes even the smallest of spaces seem more voluminous. This really is a great choice if you’re faced with any sort of light or space challenges.


Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Sunny White Brushed UV Oiled 15/4mm By 90mm By 600mm


And finally, for anyone who wants a real lived-in look, this prime engineered oak herringbone flooring that’s been coffee brushed and UV oiled is likely to float your boat completely. A floor that looks as if it has already had a long and happy life, even when it’s first laid, this solution works great in a casual setting where you want your room to have a real heritage feel to it.


Prime Engineered Flooring Oak Herringbone Coffee Brushed UV Oiled 15/4mm By 90mm By 600mm


If you fancy the idea of these 600mm wood flooring options, but you’re not sure about which might work for your project, why not get in touch, ask for some FREE samples or come on down to our Golders Green showroom? At Wood and Beyond we want your wood flooring decisions to be as easy and stress-free as possible and we’ll do all we can to make sure that the choices you make are the best ones.