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Wood and Beyond Showroom

Our Showroom

    •  220 The Vale, London
    •  NW11 8SR

Opening Hours

    •  MONDAY-FRIDAY 8.30 - 18.30
    •  SATURDAY 9.30 - 17.00
    •  SUNDAY Closed
    •  BANK HOLIDAYS 9.30 - 15.00
  •  Parking is available at no cost along The Vale street. There is plenty of parking at all hours of the day.
TEL: 0208 209 2662 - 0800 690 6864
MON-FRI 08:00-18:30 / SAT 09:30-17:00

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Wood and Beyond Blog

  • Farmhouse Wood Flooring Gaining in Popularity

    Farmhouse finish wood flooring is gaining popularity all over the UK and for very good reason.  No matter whether homeowners are plumping for engineered or solid wood flooring, the grade that seems to be appealing to more and more people of late is rustic or farmhouse grade. There are essentially four grades of wood: prime, select, natural and rustic.  Prime grade wood flooring is highly uniform in its style and barely shows the grain of the wood or the presence of knots, so it looks very even across the surface.  This option has been really popular over the past few years because it fits really well with the clean, minimalist, designer look that has been so on trend. When you move down the list to select and natural grades, the grain o ... READ MORE >

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  • Sunny White, Paris White, Polar White Wood Flooring Is There A Difference?

    White wood flooring is a highly sought after flooring option right now and for anyone who is just at the beginning of their journey in the search for their perfect white wood floor you could be forgiven for thinking a white floor is a white floor!  If this is your idea, you really couldn’t be more wrong.  In fact there are a whole host of white wood flooring options and which you choose will depend entirely on the look you want to achieve and your own personal taste. What you need to bear in mind when you’re shopping for a white wood floor is that flooring manufacturers, like car manufacturers give their floors names that they consider best describes and best sells their product.  Sexy and alluring terms can be as easily applied to ... READ MORE >

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  • Herringbone Wood Flooring Options

    Herringbone or fishbone wood flooring as it’s sometimes called is a versatile, interesting and stylish alternative to simple board wood flooring.  Designed to have a traditional parquet look to it, the good news about herringbone flooring in the 21st century is that you won’t need a craftsman to spend a month at your home to floor or re-floor the smallest room in the home. Parquet flooring dates back to the 17th Century and was traditionally made from small blocks of wood that were cut by hand and laid, again by hand in a geometric pattern.  While herringbone wood flooring ‘blocks’ tend to be bigger than traditional parquet flooring the idea is much the same. In its early days, any parquet flooring would have been made from solid ... READ MORE >

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  • Carpet, Vinyl, Ceramic Tiles, Laminate or Wood Flooring?

    One of the questions we often get asked at Wood and Beyond is whether or not wood flooring is a better option than the alternatives.  While of course we’re a bit biased (because we’re human after all), we do have a clear and professional understanding of the floor covering market.  In this article we’d like to share with you the pros and cons of each option by looking at how you might make your decision based on the type of sub-floor you have; the budget you have available; the complexity of installation; the durability in service life, the day-to-day wear tolerance; maintenance and of course the look.   Carpet   Carpet doesn’t need much of an introduction, as most of us are familiar with it.  That said, in the last de ... READ MORE >

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  • Oak Flooring For Under Floor Heating

    Under floor heating is a really popular choice these days.  A great way to have a warm and cosy home without cluttering up your walls with radiators, it gives you flexibility and style.  When you have radiators on your walls, you’re restricted regarding where you can put your furniture, but take them out of the equation and the world’s your oyster.  This is probably why so many people are choosing this option when it comes to heating their home.  However, one of the big questions that raises its head when you decide on under floor heating is whether or not you can you can still have wood flooring. The answer to this question is “Yes!”, and if you’re looking specifically for oak flooring to go over your under floor heating the ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Wood Flooring Glue

    When you’re planning a wood flooring project, it’s all too easy to focus your attention on the flooring itself and forget about the importance of things like underlay, accessories and installation methods.  No matter which installation method you choose for your new wood floor, the likelihood is that you’ll have a need at some point for a good glue and choosing the right one is no easy task. There are dozens (if not more) wood flooring glues on the market and while you might think it’s not all that important a decision which you choose, making sure you get the best glue for your project is essential to its overall success.  At Wood and Beyond, we test all our products to make sure that we are selling stuff we’d be happy to use a ... READ MORE >

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  • Wood Flooring Options - The Ultimate Guide

    There was a point in time when a wood floor was just a wood floor for all but the most discerning.  Nowadays, the popularity and competition in the wood floor market has lead to a broad array of choices being open to everyone; even those with the most modest budgets.  Because of this, if you’re on the lookout for a new wood floor, you might be finding all the terminology a bit confusing.  This is why we’ve produced this article.  We hope, in this blog post, we’ll share with you all the things you need to take into consideration when working out the best wood flooring option for you. Solid Wood Flooring What is it? Solid wood flooring is made from solid planks of a single species of wood and nothing else.  Solid wood flooring pr ... READ MORE >

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  • Lacquered Or Oiled Wood Flooring? Here's How To Choose

    One of the features of wood flooring that people often leave unconsidered until just before ordering is the finish they’ll choose for their new floor.  While it is possible to leave this decision pretty much to the last minute, it’s well worth knowing the options that are open to you.  In this article, we’ll give you a clear and quick overview of the two most commonly selected and most popular wood flooring finishes; lacquered and oiled. Lacquered Finish Wood Floor What is it? A lacquer is a bit like a modern day varnish and is applied to a wood floor as a way of protecting the floor and often giving it a shine.  Lacquer effectively sits on the top of the wood and doesn’t sink in like oil does. When should you choose it? A lacqu ... READ MORE >

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  • Basket Weave Wood Flooring

    Basket weave wood flooring has been a popular wood flooring option for decades.  A highly attractive alternative to straight wood flooring planks, it was out of vogue for a while but has now come back into interior focus with a vengeance.  Essentially produced using interweaving wood panels so they look like one ‘weaves’ under another, this way of creating wood flooring was done by hand when it first appeared.  Thankfully things have progressed and this unique, classy way of laying out a wood floor can be done much more easily today. Does it suit all types of room? Traditionally found in grand buildings and chateaux around Europe and particularly in France, basket weave, or interwoven wood flooring is commonly associated with wealt ... READ MORE >

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  • Patterned Wood Flooring

    No matter what sort of interior style you have in mind, deciding on the right flooring option is a major factor in the overall success of your project.  With such a broad range of wood flooring options available these days, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed.  That said, even thought the checklist of options for making sure you get the right floor for your needs might seem enormous, you needn’t be overwhelming in any way.  The basic decisions that need to be made are; whether you should choose sold or engineered wood flooring; which species you should choose; which grade; which finish and which size of board.  Beyond that, all you really need to decide on is the pattern of the flooring. Patterned wood flooring dates b ... READ MORE >

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