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  • Plank Flooring Explained Once and for All

      Plank flooring is a term that we’re coming across more and more at Wood and Beyond. Traditionally, plank flooring would have simply referred to a wooden board, but today it’s a term that’s spanning much wider than that. That’s why we thought we’d share our thoughts in an article. Hopefully, what we’re seeing and hearing around us in the industry right now will help you de-mystify what you’re hearing and reading around the web, in mags, in shops etc. Traditional plank flooring Traditional plank flooring is an easy concept to get your head around. Think of planks of solid wood and you’ve got it. A style of flooring that’s been used for centuries, solid plank flooring went slightly out of fashion for a while but has ... READ MORE >

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  • Your Ultimate Bathroom Flooring Options Reviewed and Compared

      You’re planning a stylish new bathroom. It’s going to have everything you’ve ever wanted. Your plans include a huge walk in shower, roll top middle of the floor bath, double basins, funky lighting and accessories to die for. That’s all sorted and in the bag, but what you’re struggling with is the flooring. You’ve seen every option imaginable work in a whole range of different settings, but there’s something holding you back from making your final decision. Practicality, great looks and something a tad different is what you’re after, but you don’t have a bottomless pit of funds left either. So what should you plump for? In this article we’ll explore the pros and cons of the options open to you and hopefully this ... READ MORE >

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  • Introducing White Floorboards in Milan and Double White Styles

      White floorboards are big news. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that never before have we seen such an exciting time for anyone looking for a white floor. If you’re reading this and haven’t really considered white floor before and you’re wondering what the big deal is all about, read on. Many years ago if you’d said to someone that you wanted a white wood floor, they’d have taken a paint-brush out along with a tin of white paint and that would have been that. Today white floors come in everything from blindingly bright white to natural shades with just the odd hint of white. There truly is something for everyone. We’ve created this blog post to introduce two really special white ranges and to walk you around the ch ... READ MORE >

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  • Warm Wood Flooring Styles That Are Undeniable Warm

      Even though it’s still only summer time, some of our clients are already thinking ahead when planning their wood flooring projects. Although in the summer months, it’s tempting to choose a colour or style of floor that makes you feel cool when the sun is hot, it’s also worth thinking about those winter months when temperatures will have changed. While you don’t want your floor to scream out winter-time all year round, making the right choices can mean the difference between having to turn your heating up a few degrees and enjoying the notion that your room is warmer than it actually is. Colours definitely affect how warm or how cool we feel, and the colour of wood flooring you choose will impact on that. But feeling warm i ... READ MORE >

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  • 600mm Wood Flooring Options

      600mm wood flooring is a really popular choice at Wood ‘n’ Beyond right now and when you look at all its great benefits you quickly see why. 600mm wood flooring, as its name suggests is wood flooring that comes to you in 600mm wide boards. What this means is that you get speed of installation and great looks all rolled into one when you make this choice. With each board made up of top layers that are in a herringbone layout, you can buy this solution with confidence, knowing that you are going to get an end result that isn’t just original, but that will make your room look fantastic too. When you fit narrow floorboards, you have a whole lot more effort to put in to get your end result than you do with these extra-wide boards ... READ MORE >

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  • Your Options for Golden Oak Engineered Flooring

      Golden oak engineered flooring is a timeless choice that you’ll see in any number of old stately homes and castles across Europe. A flooring option that has stood the test of time because it is so natural and so neutral, it has been overtaken from time to time by trends, such as black or whitewashed flooring, but it really is a solution that you can choose with complete confidence. No matter whether your home is traditional or modern, you know when you choose a golden oak engineered floor that you are making a great decision. The perfect backdrop for a whole host of furnishing styles, this style and colour of flooring can be used throughout the home, even in the likes of bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, that is one of the things t ... READ MORE >

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  • Our Favourite Chocolate Brown Wood Flooring

      Chocolate. Even the word alone makes us feel happy and comforted. Whether it’s a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day or a chocolate ice cream to cool down from the heat of the sun, there are so many associations we have with this simple word. When it comes to interiors, chocolate is hot right now. Whether it’s furnishings, paint or paper colours or accessories, a mix of whites, off-whites and chocolates; blacks, greys, whites and chocolates or even a heady mix of acid colours with chocolate, are all big news. And chocolate wood flooring is no exception. Chocolate wood flooring provides the perfect backdrop for your interior; modern or traditional. A warm and comforting floor colour choice, you can rest assured when you choo ... READ MORE >

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  • Dark Floorboards Suit Brighter Interiors the Best

      When choosing new floorboards, one of the top items on most people’s agenda is the colour that’ll work best in their room. Often fearful of very light whites or very dark blacks people think that natural wood colour is their only option. When they think of this, they veer naturally towards mushroomy oak colours. And don’t get us wrong, we love mushroomy oak colours in the right setting. Against a colour palette of pastel pinks, blues and yellows or even whites and off-whites, there are few things to beat a mousy, mushroomy floor. But we also know that a bit of courage and imagination always pays off when it comes to choosing the right floor. One of the scenarios that customers often struggle with is a bright interior. They wor ... READ MORE >

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  • Invisible Oil Wood Flooring for an Unfinished Look

      Wood is a naturally beautiful product and that’s why so many people are attracted to using it in their homes. No matter whether you’re choosing wood for flooring, furnishing or fixtures and fittings, one of the best ways to get the most from your wood is to have it in the closest you can get to its natural state. The problem with that is that wood needs to be protected so it stays looking good. There are various ways to protect wood and the two most common are by applying lacquer to it or oiling it. The thing with both of these options is that they change the look of the wood ever so slightly. Or they did until now. The great news now is that you can have the benefit of a finished wood floor without even noticing the finish. I ... READ MORE >

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  • Most Trendy Painted Floorboards

      Painted floorboards are in big demand. No matter whether your home is traditional in its style or highly modern, a wood floor that blends in with your décor and your furnishing is a great backdrop to any room. When it comes to choosing the right painted floorboards for your project, the secret is choosing the right colour and the right style. By doing this you’ll get a great immediate result AND great value for money in the long term. Some people choose to paint their floorboards once they are in situ or paint over existing floorboards, but there really is no getting away from the convenience and end result you get when you choose a prefinished product. When you choose a pre-finished floor it means that you know exactly what en ... READ MORE >

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