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  • Top 10 UK Interior Designers On Social Media [Infographic]

    If you're looking to follow the UK's best and brightest interior designs on social media, this infographic will be right up your alley. At Wood and Beyond we've researched the 10 top influential interior designers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Houzz and Pinterest. 1st Polly Dickens Works for: Habitat Famous for: Being the great granddaughter of Charles Dickens. Great granddaughter of Charles Dickens today Polly is 58 years old with a position as creative director of Habitat, the household furnishing retailer. She is famous for her expert eye, honed by years of travelling the world on buying trips. 2nd Kelly Hoppen Works for: Kelly Hoppen London Famous for: Superior Interior Channel 5 TV Show; Dragon’s Den BBC Two Show. Kelly Hoppen w ... READ MORE >

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  • Recommended Wood Flooring For Open Plan Areas

    Lots of people dream of living the good life in a huge open plan space. Made popular in large part by dreamy loft apartments in major cities around the world, open plan living can be heaven on earth for those of us who are tidy, but hell on earth for those of us who have a more casual approach to being organised. Tidiness aside, open plan living is an exciting prospect and calls for a bit of planning to get it right. Thinking about things like major and soft furnishings, what you’ll use to adorn your walls and even colour schemes all have their own rules when it comes to open plan. But in this article we’ll focus on making the right wood flooring choices to maximise the style and charm you get from your open plan living space. There ar ... READ MORE >

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  • Stain or Paint Your Wood Flooring: That's the Question

    If you’re like many of our clients and have bought or moved into a new house and are looking at a wood floor that you simply don’t like, what should you do? There are various options open to you and which you choose will depend on a number of basic issues such as your budget, whether you’re renting or have bought and how much hassle you’re prepared to put up with. In this article, we’ll explore the options of staining or painting your wood flooring as well as the sometimes overwhelming, but cost effective notion of replacing your floor. NOTE: If you are renting your property, one thing you should consider before you do anything is whether or not you have the right to change the look of your flooring. This information will normall ... READ MORE >

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  • How To Get Retro Looking Wood Flooring

    Retro is hot right now. In interior styling, it is arguably one of the most popular trends with certain consumers. From clothing to cars and mopeds to furniture; retro is HOT. Retro as a term refers to styling that was ‘in vogue’ anything between 70 years ago and only 30 or so years ago, so it’s quite a broad concept. Often confused with antique and vintage, retro is a subject that can be puzzling, so in this article we thought we’d attempt to de-mystify the notion as well as giving you some ideas on how you can achieve retro looking wood flooring in your home. Defining the terms Antique is a term that commonly refers to a “work of art, a piece of furniture or decorative art that was made at least a 100 years ago”. Vintage on t ... READ MORE >

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  • Bleached Wood Flooring Transform Your Interior

    Bleached wood flooring is everywhere. No matter which interior magazine you look in, you’ll find stunningly beautiful bleached wood flooring featured in every setting from loft apartments to country cottages. Particularly attractive during the hot spell we’re having right now, there’s no reason why bleached wood flooring can’t be a really striking all-year-round solution for your interior. When we talk about bleached wood flooring, the term is usually used to refer to wood flooring that looks as if it has been bleached by the sun, rather than the stuff we use to clean stubborn stains! A look that is associated with romantic desert islands that are surrounded by turquoise seas, a bleached wood floor suggests that you’re carefree a ... READ MORE >

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  • Shabby Chic Wood Flooring

    Shabby chic as an interiors term was first aired by The World of Interiors Magazine in the 1980s. A style that was quickly adopted in the UK and the US, shabby chic is all about re-creating the look of big country houses that have been handed down the generations without many changes being made over the years. Characterised by aged and distressed pieces of furniture as well as faded linens, it’s clear to see the appeal of this look. If you fancy giving a room in your home, or indeed your whole home a shabby chic look, it’s easier than you might think. And the good news is, with a bit of planning you can easily turn the end result from excellent to exceptional without calling for much in the way of additional investment. So where do you ... READ MORE >

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  • Why Grey Is The New Black In Wood Flooring

    Not so very long ago if you wanted a wood floor, it had to be wood coloured. Wood coloured might have been light, dark or mid, but either way it was definitely going to be a shade of brown. Those days have now gone and you can find wood flooring in pretty much any colour you want. In the past few years, black and white wood flooring have grown immensely in popularity. Enabling a true monochrome look that lends itself to the introduction of bold colours or a touch of grey or taupe, monochrome wood flooring is really attractive. However, many people are frightened of plumping for white wood flooring because they imagine they’ll end up running around with a mop all the time, so they plump for black wood flooring in the hope that it’ll hid ... READ MORE >

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  • Mix White, Grey And Lime Wood Flooring For A Great Effect

    If you’re one of the many people seeking out a really modern look in your home, wood floors are hard to beat. Although wood flooring can be used to great effect in a home that’s full of antiques, has a shabby chic feel or vintage look, modern, cutting edge designer is very easily achieved too if you make the right choices. Lime wood flooring, white wood flooring and grey wood flooring are all great ways to make sure your home is bang on trend right now. But what if you’re a bit wary of going the whole hog and decking out your entire house with lime, white or grey wood flooring for the fear that you’ll tire of it? In this instance, one great option is to create a clever and interesting mix of white, grey and lime wood flooring throu ... READ MORE >

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  • Wood Flooring For High Humidity Areas

    Wood is a natural material Wood is a completely natural product; you only have to look in a forest to see that! But when we bring wood into our homes we often forget that. Even once wood has been lumbered, dried, cut and processed into wood flooring and furnishing, it continues to respond to the environment in which it finds itself. Humidity is one of the factors that affects wood most of all. When humidity levels are high, wood expands and when humidity reduces the wood contracts again. This happens even when wood has been in place for a long time. While this is no big deal if it’s only minimal, problems can occur when humidity is excessive. When it comes to protecting your wood flooring, things like leaving expansion gaps around your r ... READ MORE >

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  • How To Choose Wood Flooring For Small Spaces

    One of the most common complaints we hear from our customers is that their homes aren’t big enough. While a new wood floor won’t give you an extra bedroom or the home office that you believe will change your life, there are some great tricks that you can do with wood flooring to make your rooms seem bigger. Here are a few ideas: Play with colour In the same way that the colour of clothing we wear can have a huge impact on how we look, choosing the right colours for your home makes a big difference too. When it comes to choosing the right colour wood flooring to make your room and indeed your home look bigger, there are two main things you can do. They are: Use the same colour throughout. Choosing the same colour of flooring throughout ... READ MORE >

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