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  • Hard Flooring Conclusive Guide

      Not so very long ago, you were considered poor or unfortunate if you didn’t have fitted carpets throughout your home. Oh, how times have changed. Today, people feel the freedom to have a whole range of flooring options throughout their homes, and carpet seems to be falling further and further down the preferred list for most people. Hard flooring is certainly making its presence felt in most homes in the UK and well beyond – and with really good reason. In this article we’d like to give you a conclusive guide to hard flooring – warts and all. At Wood and Beyond we’re not naïve enough think that the flooring solutions we provide suit everyone, and we know that there are some other great options out there. So let’s explor ... READ MORE >

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  • Porcelain Tiles Samples Now Available

      At Wood and Beyond, we’re fanatical about interiors and are always on the lookout for ways to help you achieve your interior goals cost effectively, efficiently and in a stress free way. Just the fact that we’re online means that you don’t need to get in the car and find time in your busy schedule to go and choose a new floor. But we also know that some people are nervous about buying online. That’s why we offer a really comprehensive free sample service. You may or may not be aware, but in recent months we’ve started to sell tiles. We’ve done this because we know that our loyal customers like to have a range of different flooring options in their homes and they want to buy them from people they trust – from us. This ... READ MORE >

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  • Porcelain Wall Art New to Wood and Beyond

      Almost everyone dreams of having a unique, architect-designed home. But for many of us, that solution is financially out of our reach or impossible because of where we live. The good news is that no matter whether home for you is a modest two-up, two-down in a street of mirror-image properties or in a housing estate or an apartment block where nearly all houses are the same, you can make your home truly your own. With a bit of imagination, you can make even the most similar of homes look and feel completely different. And in many cases you needn’t even invest a fortune. At Wood and Beyond, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to help you to make your home your own in a really different and original way. One of the latest t ... READ MORE >

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  • Wood Topped Flooring Outshines Them All

      Wood topped flooring is a really popular choice, and for many people is currently outshining all the other options. The great thing about wood topped flooring is that it looks like solid wood, but has a whole host of additional advantages. In this article we’ll share these advantages with you, but before doing that, it’s probably worth quickly re-visiting the fundamental difference between wood topped flooring and solid wood. The key difference between these two options is the structure of the boards. Solid wood flooring is made from planks of solid wood – that’s it. Wood topped flooring is man-made, yet as we’ve already said, looks just like solid wood. The way the boards are constructed in this option means that they can ... READ MORE >

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  • Grey Floorboards Latest Trends

      Grey floorboards are bang on trend. In fact, they are probably one of the latest flooring trends to really take the flooring world by storm. A colour option that’s nicely neutral, yet super-fashionable at the same time, it’s easy to see why grey floorboards are so popular. At Wood and Beyond we like to constantly have a range of modern and traditional wood flooring in stock, and that’s why at the moment, our focus is on having an extensive choice of grey floorboards. Here are just some of the trends that are in high demand right now. From traditional dark to lighter grey shades     Both traditional dark grey floorboard shades like this one as well as lighter grey shades like this are flying off the shelves right n ... READ MORE >

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  • Minerva Collection Porcelain Tile Luxury Floor and Wall Tiles

      When you plan the look of your home, your floors and your walls are two of the biggest decisions you’re likely to make. They are the two things that’ll create the backdrop to everything else you add to your interior. Walls thankfully are easy enough to change, but floor decisions tend to be for the long term – or at least for more than a decade or two in the majority of cases. Whether you choose, wood, tile, carpet or laminate will depend on the look you’re hoping to achieve and the budget you have. Until relatively recently, tiles have tended to be thought of as more of a south European choice for anything other than bathrooms. But when under floor heating became affordable for all of us, more and more people started to rec ... READ MORE >

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  • Wooden Countertops Colour Range

      Wooden countertops are a really popular choice in kitchens, both with real foodies and with people who aren’t particularly great at cooking yet adore great style. A choice that dates back centuries, there’s a real warmth and charm about a wooden countertop that you simply don’t get with other solutions. No matter whether you choose white, bright coloured, dark or even stainless steel cabinets, a wooden countertop will look simply stunning. At Wood and Beyond we’ve been supplying wooden countertops to discerning customers for many years now and have built up a great stock, so you have plenty of choice. One of the things we make a point of is making sure we have a really broad colour range, so there truly is something for ev ... READ MORE >

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  • Oak Effect Laminate Flooring for Unbeatable Natural Look

      Are you someone who yearns for the unbeatable natural look of a wood floor but don’t have the budget? Or are you someone who simply likes to change the look of your room completely from time-to-time without breaking the bank? If so, then we’ve got great news for you. At Wood and Beyond we’re huge fans of everything that is made of wood and we’ve hesitated over the years when it comes to laminate flooring. We’ve done that because we have huge confidence in solid wood and engineered wood, but we’ve now tracked down an oak effect laminate flooring solution that’s so convincing, it’s even got us on side. If you want an unbeatable natural look for your floor for a fraction of the price of a wooden floor, then our range ... READ MORE >

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  • Full Stave Prime Oak Worktops from Wood and Beyond

      There are various different types of oak worktops, but one of the most attractive and eye-catching is, without a doubt, full stave prime oak worktops. At Wood and Beyond we know that our clients love this style of worktop, so make it a priority to always have a good selection in stock. You can find our full range here. So what is it that makes full stave prime oak worktops such a bit hit with our clients? In order to explain, we need to take a couple of steps back and look at what exactly is meant by full stave and what qualities prime grade wood has that others don’t. Full stave oak worktops Oak worktops are either made from small blocks of oak or full staves of oak. Single pieces of oak that run the full width of a worktop are ... READ MORE >

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  • Light Oak Laminate Flooring for Clever Interiors

      Laminate flooring sometimes gets a tough time. To be honest, at Wood and Beyond we’ve struggled to find a laminate floor that meets out exacting standards, but we’re delighted to now be the proud stockist of a great range of laminates that we know our wood floor loving clients will adore. You can find it here. We’re incredibly happy to be able to bring you this range, and in today’s blog post we want to show you how you can create really clever interiors using light oak laminate flooring. Two of the greatest things about this laminate flooring are that it is so affordable and really fast to fit. Literally, within a morning or an afternoon, without too much pain on your bank balance, you could have a whole new look in your ... READ MORE >

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