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Wood and Beyond Blog

  • Choosing Solid Wood Worktop Thickness

    When you are searching for a solid wood worktop, one of the questions you’re likely to face is what thickness of worktop would work best for your kitchen. While the length and width of your worktop is likely to be determined by basic things like the size of your kitchen together with whether or not you want to overhang standard size appliances, or if you have super-sized appliances, how you’re going to cater for those. That said, choosing the right thickness of worktop isn’t always determined for you, so how do you choose? While there’s no right or wrong answer that works for everyone, in this blog post, we’d like to explore the things that are likely to impact most on which thickness you choose. Generally speaking, unless you op ... READ MORE >

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  • Treated Wood Flooring Or Untreated: Which Is Best?

    When you’re buying wood flooring, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. Nevertheless, the whole buying process is exciting because you’re looking forward to your new floor being in place and your room looking its very best. However, certain wood flooring decisions can be tough to make. One such decision is whether you are best to choose treated or untreated wood flooring. In this article, we’ll explore both options and outline what we believe to be the ins and outs of making the right decision for your particular project. What is treated wood flooring? Treated wood flooring, as the name suggests is wood flooring that comes in its box ready to lay, complete with the finish of your choice. With a whole host of differen ... READ MORE >

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  • Easy To Care For White Wood Flooring

    If you’re yearning to create that sought after white wood floor look that more and more of us drool over in interior magazines but are holding back because you’re frightened; let us reassure you. White wood flooring is an option that can be used throughout the home without necessarily needing to worry about every footstep that goes through your house and surprisingly doesn’t even require particular care or maintenance if you make the right choices. In this article, we want to share with you our thoughts on how to make the right choices so you can enjoy the white wood flooring of your dreams and still have a stress-free life. Choosing the right STYLE of white wood flooring White wood flooring comes in a whole host of styles and optio ... READ MORE >

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  • How To Choose The Right Grade Of Solid Wood Worktop

    When it comes to buying solid wood worktops, the wood you choose will be graded into one of four categories: prime, select, natural or rustic. The category that wood is graded into depends on three things: the number and size of knots, the colour variation present in the wood and the amount of sap it contains. And it’s worth bearing in mind that while you can’t normally see sap; it’s there. As a general rule of thumb, the more uniform the colour, the smaller the knots and the lower the sap content, the higher the grade of wood and, not surprisingly, in most cases, the higher the price. That said, this grading system doesn’t necessarily mean that high grade wood is better than lower grade wood, which is what often makes this choice c ... READ MORE >

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  • Why Black Wood Flooring Is Great For Any Room

    At Wood and Beyond we meet lots of clients who love the notion of black wood flooring but are frightened to choose it because they think it could be a restrictive option that they might tire of. That said, in our experience, the people who do choose it never look back and get almost hooked on it, adding to more and more rooms in the home as time marches on. So, if you’re apprehensive about choosing black wood flooring for your home, we hope this article will reassure you that it truly can work in any room and in any style of home. Black wood flooring in the lounge Perfectly suited to spacious lofts, black wood flooring in the lounge works equally well in period properties. No matter whether you’re seeking to create a highly modern, de ... READ MORE >

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  • Brown Wood Flooring Takes On A High Fashion Look

    When you say brown wood flooring, there’s a real tendency to think, “bo-ring” but if that’s the case, today’s the day to think again. No longer is brown flooring just brown – it now comes in a whole host of interesting and innovative shades of brown that will enable you to create either a palette of browns in your home or to select your preferred shade and stick with it throughout. In this article we’ll share with you some great brown wood flooring ideas that will hopefully fill you with inspiration for your project. Although both solid and engineered wood flooring both come in a whole range of brown colourways, we’ve decided to focus on engineered wood flooring in this article. We’ve done this so that, no matter which roo ... READ MORE >

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  • Why Square Edge Wood Flooring Is Worth The Effort

    As any regular reader of this blog will know, wood flooring boards come in three main edge styles: bevel, micro bevel and square. In a nutshell, beveled edge wood floor boards are floor boards that have a pronounced ‘v’ shape on each edge of the board; a micro beveled floor board has a significantly less pronounced ‘v’ and a square edge board has a perfectly perpendicular (at 90-degrees) edge. On a board that is beveled, it may be that the edges are sculpted or defined using a hand scraped effect to make the board look aged or worn, or the definition might be created uniformly by machine. Either way, this type of edge is highly visible throughout the floor and is ideally suited to a shabby chic or relaxed look. Micro beveled edges ... READ MORE >

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  • Using Light Colour Wood Flooring To Create Illusions Of Space And Light

    The days are getting longer and we’re all waking up to the birds singing outside. It’s a great time of year to spend lots of time outdoors, but if you’re stuck inside a lot of the time and are yearning for more natural light or the illusion of more space in your home, strategically using light colour wood flooring is a great way to tick all your interior boxes. Light colour wood flooring comes in both solid and engineered wood varieties so can be installed safely and confidently throughout the home and even in rooms where you have under floor heating. Available in a whole host of species, grades and finishes, there’s a light colour wood flooring option to suit every budget and pretty much every style of interior you can think of. I ... READ MORE >

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  • Reasons to Choose 750mm or 950mm Wide Solid Wood Worktops

    If you’re re-fitting your kitchen or installing your first kitchen in a new build, you’re likely to be spoilt for choice when it comes to cabinets and to worktops. This can be great news, but it can also be a bit overwhelming, causing you to plump for a solution that you know and are familiar with. 750mm and 950mm wide solid wood worktops are solutions that often get overlooked when people are looking for kitchen ideas and that’s a real shame. Standard size worktops tend to come in either 600 or 650mm widths. However there are certain situations that call for a significantly wider worktop solution. In this article we’ll look at 5 great reasons to choose 750 or 950mm wide solid wood worktops. Here they are: You’ve got a big kitche ... READ MORE >

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  • Coloured Wood Flooring

    If you’re in the market for a new floor and for some reason have rejected the notion of wood flooring because you think it’s all about brown, brown and brown, today’s the day to think again. Wood is a completely natural product and wood flooring, like a whole host of things in nature comes in a whole range of different colours as well as shades and options that have been enhanced by man. So if you’ve rejected wood flooring up until now in the mindset that you’ll be stuck with a boring range of colours, hopefully this article will open your mind up to the real possibilities offered by wood flooring today. Here are some great colour ideas to think about if you: You want a light coloured floor If you’re on the lookout for a seriou ... READ MORE >

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