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  • Engineering Reclaimed Wood Flooring

    Reclaimed wood flooring is a highly sought after flooring option these days. Involving the recovery, renovation and repair of wood flooring from old buildings, it is a look that suits a whole host of different types of interior. An idea that really caught on in the 1980s, exceptionally patient people today are prepared to trawl the salvage market for the floor of their dreams. That said, for the vast majority of people, the thought of having to potentially wait years for the flooring look they really want simply isn’t an option. If you’re someone who’s keen on a reclaimed floor but don’t want the wait, engineered reclaimed wood flooring is the perfect compromise. In this day and age, any look you want can pretty much be achieved on ... READ MORE >

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  • Overlay Wood Flooring Explained

    The wood flooring choices on the market today are complex, there’s no getting away from that. And what’s more, some would say it’s getting more complex by the day. Whether or not that’s true depends on your personal view point, but it’s a fact that with the development in production methods and increasing possibilities with regard manufacture and distribution, there really is a huge choice out there right now. One of the things we often get asked at Wood and Beyond is what overlay wood flooring is. While there are various views on the definition, purpose and value of overlay wood flooring, in this article we aim to demystify the term and help you see where this type of product fits in your range of possible choices. The first thi ... READ MORE >

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  • Want Quiet Wood Flooring? Here’s How

    Wood flooring sometimes gets an unfair reputation for being noisy. Yes, agreed, in the good old days, when solid wood floors were old and creaky and before soundproofing underlay and insulation were available, this might have been the case, but it certainly needn’t be the case today. It’s a fact that wood is a hard surface, there’s no getting away from that. However, that doesn’t mean that your room needs to be come an echoey wall of sound just because you have a wood floor! While there are various industrial solutions to quietening wood floors in the likes of gyms, dance halls and the likes, this sort of extreme measure shouldn’t really be required in a domestic setting. Likewise, there are some experts who hail floating wood fl ... READ MORE >

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  • White Wash Engineered Flooring: Both Stylish And Inexpensive

    White floors are all the rage right now, but white tiling can be cold, white carpets a nightmare when it comes to maintenance and white vinyl, although it ticks the inexpensive box, in certain cases tends to be shunned when it comes to style. So if you’re looking for a white floor, then white wash engineered flooring really is a great solution. A stylish look that suits all sorts of property, from bijou and modern to rambling period properties, through to designer lofts. When you opt for a white wash engineered floor, you’ll just know you’ve made the right decision. White wash engineered flooring is both a stylish and inexpensive solution for any room in the home. In fact, it is so versatile that you can even fit it in bathrooms and ... READ MORE >

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  • Solid Real Wood Trends

    It’s 2016 and we’ve got Christmas and the New Year out of the way for another year. You may well have made, and already possibly broken some New Year resolutions, but one thing’s for sure and that is that every new year brings some form of excitement. Excitement because, like every new year, it will bring new things but also because the spring season in particular gets us thinking about our homes and what we could do to make them more stylish and more comfortable. Changing soft furnishings and flooring are two of the biggest and best ways to change the look and feel of your home, and knowing what’s ‘on trend’ is a great way to help yourself get more bang for your buck. When it comes to flooring, wood flooring is a popular, prac ... READ MORE >

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  • Engineered Bamboo Or Engineered Oak Flooring; Which Is Better?

    If you’re facing a dilemma over engineered bamboo flooring or engineered oak, the good news is; you’re not alone. Many people are attracted to bamboo as an alternative to oak, however, this choice isn’t for everyone. In this article we’ll explain exactly what bamboo engineered flooring is, we’ll touch on what engineered oak flooring is (for anyone who isn’t familiar with the terminology) and we’ll look at the pros and cons of each. However, before doing that, it’s probably best that we clarify one important thing. And that important thing is that bamboo isn’t technically a wood at all. As any purist will point out when speaking about bamboo, strictly speaking it’s a grass and not a wood at all. Thanks to its strength an ... READ MORE >

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  • White Washed Timber Flooring Options

    White washed timber flooring has been ‘in vogue’ for a very, very long time. Featuring highly in every sort of home from beachside properties through to designer lofts, in many ways you can’t go wrong with a white washed timber floor. Add it to a cutting-edge design-led interior or mix it with shabby chic, no matter what the season, you’ll feel as if you’ve been swept away to a sun-kissed island in a remote corner of the world when you make this choice. But what sorts of white washed timber floors are available and where might they work best? This Natural Engineered Oak Brushed White UV Oiled timber flooring is great for pretty much any room in the home. With a thickness of 14/3, it’s also suitable for use over under floor hea ... READ MORE >

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  • Synthetic or Hardwood Decking?

    Even though winter hasn’t really made its presence fully felt yet, the optimists amongst us are looking beyond the frosty mornings and the dark evenings. Those of us who love to socialise are already thinking about spring time when we can get out in the garden to get it in great shape for the summer ahead. No matter whether your garden is a postage stamp sized piece of concrete or an acre of stunningly landscaped kitchen and flower gardens, a deck is a great asset that will potentially change your life. When it comes to planning your decking, there are several things you’ll need to take into account, however one of the biggest dilemmas that our clients face today is whether to choose synthetic or hardwood decking. Like most things in l ... READ MORE >

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  • Combine Black And White Wooden Flooring

    Black and white, in every walk of life are absolute classics.  Think Chanel, Dior, in fact, think pretty much every designer label and they’ll more than likely be or have been represented in black and white at some stage in their existence.  Wooden flooring is now getting a share of that action.  In fact, combining black and white wooden flooring in your interior isn’t only a clever way to get a great effect, it can be highly cost effective too. In this article we’ll explain how you can combine black and white wooden flooring to great effect and we’ll even help you think of ideas of laying the flooring and choosing the right furnishings as well as wall colours to get the best impact. Black and white, no matter how you combine th ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Solid Oak Flooring - Here Are Your Options

    Oak is arguably one of the most popular choices of wood species for solid wood flooring. The choice of a whole host of stately home and chateaux owners in the past, there are plenty of oak floors both in the UK and across the whole of Europe that have been in place for hundreds of years. It’s for this reason that people have confidence when they choose an oak floor that they’re making a very good choice. However, thanks to the broad choice of solid oak floors on the market these days, choosing the best solid oak floor for your project can be a tough call. In this article, we want to help you make the right choice, no matter which room in your home you’re planning to re-floor. That said, if you prefer the human touch to reading a blog ... READ MORE >

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