How to Install Composite Decking

May 11, 2020 19:42:12 PM Published in Installation 769 Views.

Prior to installation, make sure that the ground is smooth and levelled, and that a suitable drainage system is placed. That is in order to ensure that no water or damp damage is done to the deck.

1. Leave a gap of 300mm -500mm between any two joists.
2. Decking board must be installed end-to-end on the joists, whilst leaving a 1.5mm/metre expansion gap.

Decking Boards
1. A gap of 6mm should be left in between any two decking boards. This can be controlled by the fitting clips.
2. The recommended board length should not exceed 3 metres.
3. Decking boards should be fastened with a 45-degree angle in the middle of each board, to ensure that all boards are securely fastened and no movement can incur.

When installing the facial board onto the outskirts of the deck, make sure that only one nailing is done, either on the decking board itself (from the top) or onto the joist (from the side).

For full guidance please check our Installation and Maintenance page.