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  1. How Long Until I Receive my Samples?

    Samples are sent First Class on the next working day after your order date. Once they are sent they will be delivered in 24H.

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  2. How to Order Samples?

    Once you found a product that you would like to see a sample of, you can order one by going to it's page. You will find a set of 2 buttons , one of them being order a sample. By clicking it, a sample of that product will be added to the cart. 

    NOTE : Only 3 samples can be added in the cart.  If the ORDER SAMPLE button is not visible on a specific product, it's temporarily unavailable. Please check the product again in 24h-48h.

    Please note that free samples are offered only on flooring products. Decking and worktops samples will incur a very small delivery charge.

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