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Noisy hardwood flooring 'can be tackled'

Posted on 7th Mar 2011 @ 12:49 PM

There are a number of methods that can be performed if hardwood flooring is too noisy.

Dave Foster, writing in the St Louis Post-Dispatch, noted one of the reasons for this happening can be because a board has risen.

If a wooden floor is being affected in this way, a wood screw can be put in from under the subfloor to the underside of the finished product.

"Many times the squeaks in a hardwood floor are caused by two boards rubbing against each other. A simple trick is to apply a dry lubricant," Mr Foster added.

It means those with solid flooring problems of this nature should be able to restore their surfaces to their original condition.

A recent article on Mlive.com said hardwood flooring can give a room an inviting look.

The news provider observed there is also a growing trend that has seen homeowners opt for reclaimed wood because of its eco-friendly credentials.


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