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Grey 'is the latest wooden floor trend'

Posted on 14th Dec 2010 @ 12:23 PM

Homeowners who want a wooden floor which is right on trend at the minute should look to invest in grey hardwood flooring.

That is according to interior design guru Nicky Haslam, who told the London Evening Standard that grey is the colour that more and more couples are demanding for their wooden floor.

"Grey is the new floor colour. We are doing silver metal bonded into the grain of the wood and metals that look like rippling water," he stated.

The newspaper spoke to several flooring retailers who all supported Mr Haslam's view that grey is the hottest trend in solid flooring at present.

Ned Ingham, head of architectural design at Bill Amberg, said that this is also extending to the kitchen, where people want something more than the usual maple look.

Couples should avoid trying to match grey solid flooring with that of another colour, as it is practically impossible to get right, Marc Ayitolil wrote for yourhome.ca recently.


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