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Garden decking 'can help people enjoy spring'

Posted on 7th Mar 2011 @ 3:10 PM

People should build garden decking if they want to enjoy the weather in spring and summer.

Wood decking is a simple and effective way of getting an attractive outdoor sitting area, according to an article in the Normandy Advertiser.

As well as this, the surface is easier to install than paving stones and DIY enthusiasts should be able to complete the task themselves.

Provided it is going to be put in at ground floor level, the news provider noted it will be a fairly straightforward process.

"It is advisable to treat the decking at yearly intervals to keep it looking its best," it added.

Once it has been finished, it can then be accessorised with plants and foliage in order to give it a fuller look.

Kris Collins, gardening editor at Amateur Gardening Magazine, said March is the month when green-fingered activities start to pick up.


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