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Consider decking instead of a conservatory?

Posted on 17th Feb 2011 @ 4:24 PM

Homeowners may wish to consider investing in hardwood decking as opposed to a conservatory, as the latter may not always add value to their property.

Brian Berry, director of external affairs at the Federation of Master Builders, said that the idea that this feature automatically increases the value of a house is misguided, as there are a lot of things to bear in mind.

Among them is the price, as it is not always a foregone conclusion that it will offer a significant return on investment.

"Keep in mind that all roads have a ceiling price and spending £50,000 on a conservatory may not be a wise move if it won't add that sort of value to your home," Mr Berry added.

According to a recent article from the ARA news agency, there are some projects which will boost the chances of selling a property, one of which is adding hardwood decking.

The source pointed to figures from Remodelling Magazine's 2009-2010 Cost versus Value Report, which suggested that garden decking will deliver 80.6 per cent payback.


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